WELCOME to our alternative energy research page.
here we post some materials, and tools, our mad scientists that also work for us at BorgSteamFactory,
have made that are either hard to find, too expensive to buy else where, or just dont exist currently to their knowledge
and had to make extra due to quantity purchasing and such, so get em while their hot!
If anything becomes so needed that people buy up all of a product or item, and we get lots of requests, we can make anything
as that is what BorgSteamFactory was all about to begin with, tools for researchers,
and makers that they might not be able to build themselves, so hit us up and see if we cant help you out!
please do not hesitate to contact us directly through our contact page .
  You mayalso wish to look at some other things on our site
or some of the items we found interesting found on our links page.
Sincerely, and most apreciatively,
The Architect!
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Bismuth tinning powder
finely powdered metal bismuth either in plain form or mixed in a flux to allow tinning the surface of items
works well for coating copper, brass, and even plain steel!

Click to see more info and an item that has been tinned using the rosin flux process
Graphitic Carbon Nitride or GCN for a short name

a complex of carbon with nitrogen in various positions that can be used for a variety of applications like splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using only sunlight and other light sources!

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with details on how you can get it from us :)