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Unfortunately due to spam and spider bots and other nasty things that can fill an inbox making it impossible to find those emails from people one actually wants to hear from we have to use this contact form. Please send us your email and what ever questions, comments, or ideas, you might have, and we will add you to our mail contacts and send you a reply to your email address provided so you can then use direct methods to contact us.We do use nearly all forms of chat from myspace IM to yahoo and hotmail messengers and even AIM.  If you would like us to add you to our chat list so we can chat live simply include this info as well and we will be happy to add you so you will know when we are online next time. Phone contact is possible and even likely if you have an interest in conversing in that manner as well. We will also be attending a number of events around the country and hopefully around the world as well so if you would like to know the plans for such events let us know about that as well and we will be glad to let you know when we might be at a location near you for a face to face chat.
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if you are a marketing company do not bother sending me a message. I will delete it immediately.
if you are a marketing company do not bother sending me a message. I will delete it immediately.
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Make sure you contact us here for pricing on coins before doing anything, once we reply with a coin price it is good for 24 hours, so rest assured you will get the maximum value you can for your coins and that they are going to be hodl for life :)