Borg Steam factory Goggles.
We manufacture an array of parts for all sorts of eye wear, and
will be updating the site even with eye glasses in the near future,
for now we have the below available for purchase
as well some custom work that are not for sale, but
show our capabilities
when considering a custom pair of goggles for your next adventure!
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dark red in the left of the picture and smoke on the right
Example of our silver mirrored lenses
Example of our yellow transparent lenses
Example of our green transparent lenses
Example of our orange transparent lenses
Example of our gold mirror lenses
(these are in short supply so please write before placing an order for them)
Example of our copper mirror lenses
(these are in short supply so please write before placing an order for them)
Example of our cobalt blue glass like (safety plastic) mirrored lenses
(again these are in short supply so please write before placing an order for them)
*please note that cobalt is used as a descriptive term and there is likely NO colbalt used to make these lenses
Lens pricing is as follows:

transparent flat color and clear = $10 + shipping
silver mirrored flat = $11+shipping
domed gold mirror = *$12 to *$17 +shipping
domed silver mirror = *$11 to *$14 +shipping
domed cobalt blue glass mirror = *$12 to *$17 +shipping
domed emrald green mirror = *$14 to *$20 +shipping
domed copper (red and golden) mirror = *$12 to *$17 +shipping
flat mirror with color tints are = #$14 + shipping.
+++two or more sets of lenses are $2 dollars less than above prices for second set and on of the lenses. you can make your first set of lenses any pair. this is what set of lenses will come preinstalled in your goggles

# this is a custom made set of lenses in silver with clips for holding tint
  if you own a set of the above silver lenses the tint is only 2 dollars per set of color tints
  and tints completely protect the silver mirror lenses from scratches due to
  cleaning and dust extending the life of the above mentioned silver mirror lenses

Polarizing tints are also available at an extra $4 more
  (ie. a set of red tint mirror and polarizing you are looking at $16 a set. replacement
   polarizer is $4 and red tint sets are $2

*prices are dependant on our cost for materials

contact us on costs and avaiablitlity using our contact page and we will send an itemized
  invoice via paypal that can be paid with or with out a paypal account through credit or
  check card or paypal balance or you can mail us a money order or cashiers check
   (please note this to recieve our address to sent payment)
Copyright 2008-2009 Borg Steam Factory Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Example of our gray transparent lens material
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