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Welcome to Borg Steam factory.
You will find here not only finished products for personal use, but also a partner for those interested in going into business for them selves.
We strive to serve equally both the individual, and their refined tastes, as well as the entrupenure seeking to diversify their revenues!
Have a new product and you are looking for a manufacturer or maybe you have an idea but you need help developing it.
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*Goggles             *Hats                     *Pants                  *Alternative research stuff   
*Vests                 *Gauntlets            *Arm warmers        *3D printing services
*Washers           *Screws                *Metal                    *Research materials 
*Collars               *Bracelets            *Fingerwear   
*Masks               *Belts                    *Computers  
*Optics and lenses                         *Machinery    
*please note not all links work at this time. Check back often to see what new items we have updated
Please note we are only doing custom work at this point so to have a quote and do a purchase for a commisioned work you will have to use our CONTACT page   Dont worry we don't bite...hard ;)
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incase you missed it, we accept chaincoin and current rate is 50% of current market value to fill our hodl wallet, so get a good deal if you want something with chaincoin, just go buy some new ones at cryptopia now and contact us for a purchase to get our wallet address and value :)